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Welcome to Oxxynova
Oxxynova GmbH
Industry: Basic chemistry
Location: Steyerberg/Lower Saxony (near Hanover)
Capacity: 240,000 t DMT/year
Employees: Approx: 130
Managing Directors: Dr. Klaus Puell, Henning Buuk

Oxxynova was established through the former Dynamit Nobel AG and today it is the leading DMT manufacturer in Europe.

The object of the company is to produce and market liquid dimethylterephthalate (DMT) for the European polyester industry. Besides DMT, Oxxynova also produces various DMT-related xylol derivatives and markets these for special use. Furthermore, Oxxynova is involved in the development and disposal of chemical

The DMT, produced according to our proprietary technology , is characterised by a particularly high level of purity and equally high quality. This guarantees that the further processing results in high-quality products.

The company name is derived from the most important process step in the production of DMT, the oxidation of paraxylol and, in addition, it is characterised by the innovation of our production and logistic processes.